On Friday night, Johnny Rock and The Limits had a single launch of sorts at Revolver, and the theme was 80’s prom!  Johnny declared Neil and I prom king and queen, so here we are in our royal headgear.  Neil had a hard time getting past the bouncer because they don’t let suits in.

The Splendours were first support.  They feed well off good crowd energy, it’s just that at 10pm on a Friday in Melbourne, no one’s nearly had enough to drink.  For the last couple of songs, the really good ones, some girls came up to dance.  The girls need to be put in a music video or something, their moves were down pat and satisfyed all the right rock muses.  Nick and Co. are off to go write some new songs for the next month or so, hopefully they’ll be debuted soon.

Second band on were only there on a favour and were dead boring.  Ed Patrick was from Sydney and should’ve played first and let the punters loosen up.

Meanwhile, Neon Love are the best thing to come out of highschool recently.  Neil suggested that their music is fairly on trend at the moment, but it’s still dead exciting.  Their drummer had just come back from fairly major surgery, so they claimed they were short of practice, but you couldn’t tell.  They were tight, making lots of great beats and riffs for dancing to, and really made their set fly by.  I’m a big fan of short, fast, tight sets, but there’s no way I would’ve minded another song or two from them.  They’re Ballarat based and you can catch them at the Karova Lounge this long weekend coming.  The next time they play in Melourne will be at The Espy with Red Ink on the 10th of July and Ding Dong on the 15th of August.

As for Johnny Rock and The Limits, full of energy, groove and enthusiasm.  Anyone ready to decorate Revolver with pastel pink crepe paper and balloons has got to have a bit of go hard or go home attitude to rock ‘n’ roll.  They too are off to write and record some new material, so keep your ears peeled for that one, it’s going to be a lot of fun.

And, ever the fashion ready, thanks to Kasia (Ms Rock), for the lovely photo up there.

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