The More Things Change, The More They Stay the Same

The thing with attending the Meredith Music Festival is the day you get back, you pretty much then launch yourself into full-time Christmas mode.  Then, before you know it, you’re screaming happy new year! while the glitter cannons go off and the band continues to play.

Gingerbread Tilly says Meow!

I made gingerbread kitties as gifts for Christmas this season.  Zoe and Matthew make wonderful looking gingerbread each year, but what I am most inspired about is that it isn’t regular gingerbread.  Matthew is a mechanic, so he made a car this year, which you can see on Zoe’s blog.  Apparently the only detail on it that isn’t accurate is that the tail lights are off.  Amazing!  Obviously, my gingerbread kitties are not as detailed, but Tilly does usually wear a pink bow-shaped rhinestone pendant with my phone number on the back.

(My boss Kerryn took the above photo before all the kitties got scoffed — thanks Kerryn!)

Meredith, as ever, was a wonderful weekend.  They’ve spent 23 years getting this festival right, and I think it shows.  I’ve written a lot about Meredith before, and other than raving about the bands that played this time around — my highlights were Nile Rogers and Chic, a zero-percent crazy The Brian Jonestown Massacre, Mac Demarco in the afternoon, and Dick Diver crying “Fuck Kochie!” out through the amphitheatre — there’s not much more I can add.  It’s Just Right and I Love It.

Meanwhile, NYE on The Hill was something different.  Firstly, they’re not lying about that hill.  Next, I’m so comfortable with Meredith, I think it took me a moment to relax into this one.  By the time the glitter cannons went off at midnight on New Years, I’d found my groove though, so hats off to The Farmer on this one.  My musical highlights included The Love Junkies, Palms, Horns of Leroy, Wagons (of course) and  Bad News Toilet, the 2am mashup DJ I was encouraged to stay up for.  No regrets!

(Nyssa: “Would it surprise you to hear that Bad News Toilet are from Ballarat?”
Neil: “Not at all.  Apparently Ballarat is the epicentre of fucked up mash up DJs!”)

And so now, 2014 is shaping up to be a corker.  I’m due to graduate this year, and in the lead up to this very exciting event, I’ve started my internship with a prominent digital marketing agency.  I’m working with their UX team at the moment, but have also been offered the chance to develop for Google Glass while I’m there, which is very exciting.  Goodness knows what happens next, but let’s face it, the year is young and exciting.

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  1. Zoe says:

    Winner! Love the gingerbread cat. The bow tie is Just The Thing. Also, amazingly well done on the killer internship! Happy New Year all round :)

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