This conversation happened this morning between the boy and I.  I actually had a lot more to do with the conversation, but it mainly consisted of, “Oh, really?” and “Yeah, right.”

Neil starts off with, “No, the Scouts shake with their left hand so they can pull their gun out with the right.  You didn’t have guns when you were a scout?  No knifes?  How did you get your counter-terrorism badge?”

“What counter-terrorism badge?”

“You might be a bit young, but do you rememer when the Lebonese embassy in London was attacked?  Well, it was the scouts that dissolved that situation.  I’d tell you how I got my anti-esponage badge, but, well, I can’t.”

“Did you get your wanking badge?”

“Fuck off, this is all true!  You can’t tell anyone, though.  I shouldn’t have even told you.”

Of course, the reason he shouldn’t of told me is because I’d make fun of him on my blog.  Ah, the risks you run defending your country.  After death, there’s public mockery from your girlfriend.

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The Daily Show With Jon Stewart M – Th 11p / 10c
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Maybe I’m alone in this, but does anyone else find John Oliver strangely attractive?  We get the Global Edition of The Daily Show in Australia, which comes with a bit of extra content and no bleeps, but this tirade is still funny.  Actually, I think the entire moat scandal is.  A moat!  Wow.

Watching one of those crappy “entertainment tonight” clips on TV, and apparently Chase Crawford has been cast in the role Kevin Bacon played in ‘Footloose’?  Who knew Nate could dance!!  Plus it gives us a break from the nausiating Zac Effron.

(Seems like the rumours are true, according to all the fansites.  Winner!)

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On Friday night, Johnny Rock and The Limits had a single launch of sorts at Revolver, and the theme was 80’s prom!  Johnny declared Neil and I prom king and queen, so here we are in our royal headgear.  Neil had a hard time getting past the bouncer because they don’t let suits in.

The Splendours were first support.  They feed well off good crowd energy, it’s just that at 10pm on a Friday in Melbourne, no one’s nearly had enough to drink.  For the last couple of songs, the really good ones, some girls came up to dance.  The girls need to be put in a music video or something, their moves were down pat and satisfyed all the right rock muses.  Nick and Co. are off to go write some new songs for the next month or so, hopefully they’ll be debuted soon.

Second band on were only there on a favour and were dead boring.  Ed Patrick was from Sydney and should’ve played first and let the punters loosen up.

Meanwhile, Neon Love are the best thing to come out of highschool recently.  Neil suggested that their music is fairly on trend at the moment, but it’s still dead exciting.  Their drummer had just come back from fairly major surgery, so they claimed they were short of practice, but you couldn’t tell.  They were tight, making lots of great beats and riffs for dancing to, and really made their set fly by.  I’m a big fan of short, fast, tight sets, but there’s no way I would’ve minded another song or two from them.  They’re Ballarat based and you can catch them at the Karova Lounge this long weekend coming.  The next time they play in Melourne will be at The Espy with Red Ink on the 10th of July and Ding Dong on the 15th of August.

As for Johnny Rock and The Limits, full of energy, groove and enthusiasm.  Anyone ready to decorate Revolver with pastel pink crepe paper and balloons has got to have a bit of go hard or go home attitude to rock ‘n’ roll.  They too are off to write and record some new material, so keep your ears peeled for that one, it’s going to be a lot of fun.

And, ever the fashion ready, thanks to Kasia (Ms Rock), for the lovely photo up there.

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New layout!  There were a lot of problems with the previous layout looking odd in, quite frankly, most browsers, except Neil’s iPhone browser, and that won’t do now that RMIT have written to me to say that they’ve received my application for mid year intake.  So I sat down and did everything properly, ran the CSS through the W3C Validator, checked for IE7/FireFox compatibility, fixed issues, and even made myself some groovy buttons for all my social networking.  It took awhile, and the final testing was done with a neat little hangover, but I did it!  If you’re experiencing any issues, comment and I’ll get right to it.

Neil and I went to a prom last night, and as soon as I can source photos, I’m going to tell you all about it.

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I work at a concert hall that hosts touring bands.  It’s not a lot of work, but I usually enjoy it, plus I get paid to go to concerts.  I think the best example was going to see MGMT last year.  I was serving drinks to the all-ages crowd, so no alcohol, and there were so many fashionable, straight out of Sportsgirl teen fashionistas drinking us out of Red Bull, it was crazy!  When I was seventeen, I couldn’t have dreamed of being that cool.  MGMT didn’t live up to my expectations, but I still had a good time.

The Presets are doing the country at the moment, so I worked two of the three shows hosted where I work.  I knew that they were going to be really busy shows and that while I don’t mind The Presets, it wouldn’t be a show I’d buy a ticket for.  This is what some of the ticket holders were doing while I walked to the venue, at 7pm, on a Wednesday:

= Someone peeing by a bush
= People in dustmasks and sequinned bodysuits (edgy!)
= A bloke opening a premix bottle with his teeth

Dealbreaker, right there.  No, no, no, no, no.  I went out with a bloke who could open bottles with a lighter once, that was handy, but your teeth?!  No!  Put a bottle opener on your keyring like the rest of us.  Neil has one shaped like a hippo.

The shows were fine, it was exciting to hear Architecture in Helsinki again, and no one was surprised when Van She were a support.  I wonder if they could ever headline they’re own show.

I have started a new jumper!  Actually, it’s a jacket from a vintage pattern book I bought from the Smith St Lost and Found market.  WIP photos aren’t spectactular when it’s just stockingette stitch, but hopefully I’ll have something to show soon.  The construction of this piece is great.

I also saw this piece in Sportsgirl the other day, and I really like it, I think it could help me become Kate Moss like I always dream.  Well, not exactly, but this dress is a hottie:

I inspected it throughly in the store, and it’s a knit, with some faux dropped stitches and yarn overs.  It’s on, baby.  I think I would like to line it in hot pink or something as well, just for some zing, plus I was probably change the shape a little.  If it was knit in a rib from the bust to the hip, then left with a slight bit of stockingette swing at the skirt, it would be the sexiest thing going.  Phwoar!

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Did someone say PIC POST?

Blueberry Port!  This is for my Blair hat.

This is the Eucalyptus yarn, done with Patons Jet.  I’m calling it Gilpin Park #1 because that’s the name of the park I collected the leaves from.

This is my handpainted yarn for the dye-a-long on Ravelry.

They were all graciously modelled by my cat who is sitting on Neil’s lap.  I’m on extreme girlfriend duties since he bunged up his ankle playing football this morning.  Making tea and fetching bandages, that kind of thing.  Not to be a bad modern lady, but I’m pretty good at it.

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My computer, on the eve of my mid-year intake application at RMIT, is breaking down.  The powersource is shot and seriously, what is the point of two 20G harddrives?  I think it’s nervous.  Lucky my application is handwritten!  I hand it in on Tuesday, which is my personal little deadline.  I’m borrowing the boy’s laptop, as he is addicted to his iPhone, and it’s a little awkward.  It’s like when you stay with a relative or a friend, and they clear a drawer for you and their house, but it’s a bit weird to put your pants in there.

I have been doing lots of crafty things.  Two of them are gifts, so they can’t be debuted yet, but I’ve got to tell you about the yarn.  I’ve dyed yarn with jelly (jello) before, so now I decided to try natural dyeing with eucalyptus leaves, and also dyeing with food colouring (Queens).

A couple of weeks ago, I walked around the park behind my house, collecting eucalyptus leaves.  I collected a bucketful, tipped water on them and forgot about them for two weeks or so.  Yesterday, I simmered the leaves down and simmered the yarn, and it’s currently drying outside.  It’s come out a lovely rust colour, so when it’s dry tomorrow, there will be shots snapped!

I also dyed with food colour, practicing my handpainting.  Hard work!  I managed to burn two of my fingers because, being a bit clumsy, forgot that steam is hot.  There is a a dye-a-long happening on Ravelry in the group A Kool Way to Dye and the theme is flowers.  I saw some flowers in a dream, so had to search the internet for a live example.  This comes close, but the flowers in my mind are far more wild and crazy.

The flower yarn and this next yarn are drying peacefully outside.  It is chilly though.  Just as well I’m inside, obsessing over ‘Gossip Girl’.  Did anyone see Blair’s hat the other week in the episode, ‘The Remains of the J’?

(from Leighton Meester Web.  Word up, their gallery is awesome.  I think I also need the hat on the main page of said gallery.  Next project.)

I need that hat.  Now that I have some Cleckheaton Kalaidascope that’s been dyed port wine x blue drying outside, so I will experiment with felting for this hat.  I’ll keep you posted.

And I drew this picture of my dad for  It’s my favourite website right now.

EDIT: I accidentally deleted some legitimate comments while trying to shovel the spam out of my inbox.  But I still know I love you.

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