Okay, so it’s hardly high brow TV, and definitely not high fashion, but there’s a guilty pleasure in watching Australia’s Next Top Model, and now that the lifeless corpse that was Jodhi Mears is gone and the no fuss, statuesque Sarah Murdoch is in, let’s get stuck into it, hey?

First up, I don’t know where they find these girls.  Since news.com loves to dish out the dirt on them, it turns out that the bogan child Cassi is from Sunbury, so that is that explained.

(Side note, news.com also mentions that residents have been stopping mayor Jack Ogilvie asking him what he’s going to do about it.  What do you mean, what is he going to do about it, other than get the Sunbury Leader, the Sunbury Fucking Leader to write a rebuttal?  He might put a sign up in his front yard?  Tell this year’s debutantes at the ball?  Sunbury is exactly like Cassi described, a place where when you fall into the wrong crowd you fall hard, it’s just that I fell the other way.  And all I can count that down to is stupid luck.)

As for the others, they are all unpolished, the first presumption is so that the makeover episode is more dramatic, but they don’t seem to have any idea on how to walk in shoes, what the word “courture” means, or that dissing your competition because they look different is juevenille.  Wait, of course these things are going to happen, a significant number of the girls are only sixteen.  It’s for this reason that Australia’s Top Model cycles will never, ever compare to the US version.  The fact that the US recruits grown ups makes all the difference, and makes it a much more enjoyable and, dare I say it, reasonable show to watch.  It’s also the reason why Australia’s Top Model has never produced an international model aside from Alice Burdeu.

No favourites yet, they’re all still a blur.  There’s something I like about Adele though.

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I had a birthday party a couple of weeks ago and sadly rubbed away the last of it yesterday.  This is what we wrote on the splashback behind our sink in the kitchen with whiteboard markets.

Colin drew him

That’s how you make a Stop! Collaborate and Listen.  FYI, y’know.

These are the cocktails my brother made for my birthday for my friends.  Note the koala on the straw down the bottom.

I can’t divulge too much information, but I am devling into the world of knitting toe up socks.  Socks in general, really.  I think I hate it.  We’ll see how it goes, I haven’t “turned the hell” yet.

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I have been cranking out the FO’s lately, guys.  I think I almost gave my dad a heart attack when I said that I only had one project on the needles at the moment, which are the Subconcious tights (ignore the Curly Curler’s, they will never be finished).  These are mostly small projects, which is why they’ve come out so quickly, but it’s still immensely satisfying.

  1. Jared’s Scarf (Bass Lite)
    Jared wanted a really long scarf.  We went to my favourite LYS, Wool Baa in Albert Park, where he picked out some fine Jo Sharp tweed, paid for it (my favourite part) and then I put in the hard yards to make this epic scarf happen!  I named the scarf after Chuck Bass and his many scarfs, however, it is not as colourful as his, hence the Lite.  Diet scarf anyone?  I think he liked it, I did catch him just out of bed.
  2. Lynn’s Bag (The Secret Garden)
    My mum’s friend Lynn saw the bag I made for my mum and wanted one for herself.  While the Knitty pattern is fun, it wasn’t very me and I wanted to do something that was more practical and a little more challenging.  Plus, Lynn loved the Flurry yarn it was made out of, so I went out of my way to use as much of it as possible.  I did okay!  Hopefully she likes it, I have no idea yet.
  3. Bella’s Hat (Bella Panda)
    Bella requested a hat, that had panda ears, excpet she’d like it in pink.  That I can do for you m’lady!  It’s also got little flecks of colour through it, as I double stranded the pink yarn with some white yarn.  I put it in the post yesterday, and it arrived safely in Bendigo today, which I was excited and surprised by.
  4. Neil’s Hoodie (Boogie Hoodie)
    As mentioned in a previous post, Neil went away for Easter to a music festival.  I made him a hoodie to keep him warm.  It was a little bit silly, I lined it with fleece that had pictures of lions on it.  He loved it so much, he turned it inside out and wore it like that for the major night of the festival.  The photo I’ve got here is one his friend took while at the festival.  Ignore the seams, please.

One last thing, I needed new shoes for a wedding I’m going to on Friday.  I really wanted heels, but to get them cheap from a place like Target, I need to buy girls’ sized shoes, because my feet are too small.  Girls’ shoes don’t have high heels because that’s… stupid.  Well, not the done thing really.  I found these sweet flats in Best and Less, which were everything I didn’t want, but I pimped my shoes and now I think they’re perfect.  Here’s a before and after.

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… of the Internet kind!

I’ve been collecting lots of blog ideas, but none of them really warrent a post of their own.  So as the cat and I relax on this Easter Sunday (the boy is at a music festival slash bucks weekend), here are some rollicking good fun links.  Let’s make it a Top Five!

  1. Poladroid Project
    Did anybody say kitch?  This is a download that you feed your photos into and they turn out in that gorgeous, saturated hue of a Polaroid picture.  It’s even managed to incorporate Polaroid quirks like only ten photos per cartridge and shake, shaking it.  Here’s a Poladroid-ed photo of Neil and I at Barfly in Camden and also a one of my Easter companion, Tilly.
  2. OK! Grants John’s Wish
    The article sums it up, but I actually watched this happen live, because knowing all of John Mayer’s stupid boy thoughts as they happen is important to me.  He wrote in a very idle fashion that he’d like the tabloids to mention the times that he aced solos at gigs, and OK! indulged him with a digital cover.  Everyone was happy.
  3. WSM Knitwear Design Contest
    Amazing knits on the runway in China.  I quite like the one with the enormous bow, although they all challenge more traditional knits.  This kind of haute couture makes me want to pick up needles and get on with an epic project.  The blog with this write up, Knit Kicks, is an excellent read as well, and with a consistent updating schedule, you can bank on it.
  4. Coffee Yarn
    I’ve recently dived into dyeing my own yarn, there’s a post on that coming, and after doing it with jelly, this is what I’d like to do next.  I don’t drink a lot of coffee, none at home, so I’m wondering if it’s weird to go into a cafe and ask for an hour’s worth of used grounds or so.  I do live in Brunswick, it’s probably not that weird.
  5. A selection of hats worn by the Internet
    While this community, Stupid Free Drama, ranges from community exposes of the ignorant to plain old bad taste, they’re a fashionable mob with some fantastic hats.  Check the bonnet in the first page of the comments.  You’ll know it when you see it and you’ll die.

Finally, Happy Easter!  Neil just arrived hom from Booige, where the bucks party headed for the weekend.  One of the first things he said was, “There was this tree there you’d love.”  I showed him the sweetie playsuit I bought from the Camberwell Market.

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Neil and I have hosted many dinner parties at our place, which we’ve nickednamed The Twilight Wedge.  Last night was our first party, as I belately celebrated my birthday with my friends.  What a success!  The theme was Mods vs. Rockers, and everyone dressed up to the nines.  There were cameras at the party, so I imagine some photos will surface eventually.  It feels like I only just surfaced, but because of the end of daylight savings it turns out I haven’t  Much thanks for all the presents, especially to my brother Jared for busting out his mad new cocktail making skills!  I hope everyone got home safely.

Today is a quiet day of slowly cleaning up and feeling a little bit creative.  I considered jumping into the knitting, but decided instead to play with my new Bamboo writing tablet.  That was the present from my family, and so far I’d drawn on a couple of maps and squiggled up the invitation for the party, but today I did some proper drawing.  I’m not much of a drawer, but I like doing it.  I’m thoroughly addicted to Skins at the moment (no spoilers please, still in season one!) and Hannah Murray’s character of Cassie is my favourite so far.  She’s so fragile yet lovable.

This is a sketch of a photo from the official Skins website.

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I used to go to gigs by myself quite often.  I would sit quietly with a pot of beer, groove a bit, thank the band afterwards and roll on out again.  Having Neil on hand means not so much going to stuff alone, which I’m very thankful for, but it does mean that if I want to go somewhere and he can’t, then I would probably stay home.

Last night, The Splendours were playing The Old Bar, but Neil had to stay home to do some baking for work.  I have promised main man Nick that I will come to see them so many times, so I was determined to keep my promise this time.  Besides, I do like The Old Bar.  Walking around in Fitzroy at night where I parked my car is still a little creepy, but that was okay, I was soon safe and cosy inside.

I met Nick through The Wellingtons, we’re both fans and turn up at the same gigs often.  The Splendours have just started playing pubs like The Tote and Revolver, due to their ages, which is exciting.  The crowd you find at youth festivals are completely different to those you find are drunk!  Rock ‘n’ roll, after all, is all about youth and enthusiasm, and the songs by The Splenours had that in spades.  They were fast and clumsy, although that’s not to say the band didn’t show lots of knowledge about how to craft a set.  They opened and closed with their best songs, the songs that were well put together and energetic, put the awkward ballads in the middle, and try to engage lightly with the audience.  The only downer was letting tech problems blow out the nerves.  I mean, as a muso, I’m guilty of these kind of shennanigans, I once cut a set short due to nerves and some flubbed chords.  They swore as some guitars and pulled some funny faces.  As a punter, I’ve been to a million gigs, and I rarely hear the tech problems that the band is apparently having (much like the band is often unaware of any shitty mixes).  But you can always tell if something is wrong if the band let it get to them.  My favourite incident was actually seeing the guitarist slap the lead singer, which lucky The Splendours didn’t have to do, but it was easy to tell something was wrong.

Speaking with Nick later, he’s got a small plan in his head to disown the songs someday and have some new ones.  And as I mentioned about The Hovercrafts earlier, that usually turns into something lovely.  Of course, that band I mentioned earlier turned out to be the Skybombers, and they just got paid $10k to go on an all expenses paid trip to Maylaysia only to have the gig cancelled.  Good news!

I have made a deal with Neil to go to the gym every day possible in April.  Neil broke his today.  I felt the burn!

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